Q&A: Rekindling the romance in our marriage


It’s sad to say, but I’ve come to where I dread Valentine’s Day. The love and romance hype only shines a light on what a disappointment my own marriage has become. Is there any hope for us?

Answer: We feel for you and understand how lonely Valentine’s Day can be for those in hurting marriages.

There are many reasons why love in marriage fades. Serious problems like addiction, abuse, extra-marital affairs, and mental illness can certainly extinguish feelings of romance. For those who’ve encountered these painful experiences, we’d encourage you to seek counselling.

Husbands and wives can “fall out of love” for other reasons, too. The busyness and stress of work, kids, and finances can cause a couple to drift apart over the years until one day they realise the only thing they share is a tube of toothpaste. If this is where you find yourselves, don’t give up. There are many things you can do to get your marriage back on track, but sitting back and waiting for flowers isn’t one of them.

One remedy we’re a firm believer in is couples relearning how to have fun together. In fact, it’s the whole idea behind Focus on the Family Malaysia’s “Date Night.” We know the concept works based on research showing that 92% of couples who make Date Night a priority have increased satisfaction in their relationships. We’d strongly encourage you to give it a chance.

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