Q&A: Setting boundaries on gaming


Video games are always begging for our children’s attention. But I’m concerned about some of the detrimental effects of gaming. Can you give me any advice?

Answer: There are several things to consider, but we’ll touch on the two most important. First, make sure the content of your family’s gaming consumption is on the positive side of the ledger. There are a lot of upbeat, fun-to-play games families can enjoy together that can promote deeper relationships. Unfortunately, many of today’s most popular video games are anything but positive. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to establish wise guidelines in your home that steer clear of games that glamorize life’s ugly side.

Second, even positive games can be a time bandit and lead to addictive behaviours if not kept in check. So, establish reasonable time limits. In your home, you may want to use a timer to enforce a 30-minute-per-day rule.

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