Q&A: Special ideas for my wife on Valentine’s Day

Q: I want to do something special for my wife for Valentine’s Day beyond the usual dinner and flowers, but I’m at a loss. Do you have any ideas?

A: Don’t underestimate the power of dinner and flowers! Many wives would love to be shown that much attention on Valentine’s Day. Just be sure that she knows your gift comes from the heart, and is not just a holiday obligation.

You also might consider turning a Valentine’s Day date into the gift that keeps on giving. Focus on the Family’s resident marriage expert, Dr. Greg Smalley has cited a wealth of research showing that married couples who engage in regular date nights enjoy a stronger bond. Maybe this year, Valentine’s Day could signal the start of a commitment to begin intentionally dating your wife on a regular basis.

Certainly, between career, children, and other obligations, it can be tough to find the time for regular date nights. But the benefits of making it happen are well documented. Many couples have committed to going on a date at least once a month for a year. We’re guessing a commitment of this nature is a present your wife would appreciate even more than chocolates or flowers.

For more ideas, read Great Date Ideas.

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