#11 Tip for a Thriving Marriage - Community Minded

This last thought leads directly to the next:  thriving couples realize that they need other people and other people need them.  They understand that isolation is a threat to any marriage and take it for granted that none of us is supposed to tackle the challenges of life alone, whether in good times or in bad.  Accordingly, they are intentional about connecting regularly with other like-minded couples.  They choose to interact with those around them.  They make a point of staying engaged with nurturing communities of all kinds—service organizations, social clubs, and common interest groups.  In particular, they are diligent to maintain an active involvement in the local community, where they have many opportunities to give and receive support.

The relationship between spouses and the community involves both give and take.  Spouses who share a healthy, vibrant relationship rely on the support of the people actively involved in their lives, but they also recognize that they have a responsibility to help other couples thrive.  They make themselves available to serve as mentors to the newly and recently married.  They also offer empathy and encouragement to those whose marriages are in need of practical, tangible assistance.   In many ways, the vitality of the bond they share as husband and wife is directly related to the value they place on human relationships of every variety.  They have grasped the principle that “love isn’t love until you give it away”.

Try This! Talk with your spouse and personally identify among your social circle or community those who might need a friend to spend time with. Whether you’re cooking a meal for them or intentionally investing time in their lives, focusing some of your energy to those around you will result in a deeper and stronger understanding of one another.

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