Volunteer Opportunities: Resource & Bookstore Support (Long Term)


Time Commitment :  4 hours/week, evenings/weekends acceptable

Requirements : Own transport

Reporting Manager : Resources Executive


Your role is to provide administrative support in the fulfilment order process.

Your work is important to support the smooth, uninterrupted operations of the Focus on the Family bookstore through:

  1. Preparing resources for customers
    1. Assist to pack books into self-adhesive plastic bags
    2. Assist to stick price tags on back over of books
    3. Insert flyers into magazines
  2. Assisting to process online orders for delivery
    1. Pick books based on orders
    2. Bubble wrap books and pack them into boxes
    3. Stick stamps and address labels
    4. Arrange and liaise with a parcel pick-up service and/or mail the parcel through the local postal service