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The first step to connecting well sexually is to do so verbally. Discuss 7 essential questions that will help you and your spouse satisfy your differing needs for intimacy in your marriage.

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Q&A: Rebuilding our broken marriage

Question: My husband left me six months ago. He said he just can’t be married any longer. I have tried many times to reconcile with him, but he is unwilling to go to counselling or to even try to work on the marriage. I don’t want to get a divorce. I am willing to try anything to rebuild our marriage. Do you know of any programs or resources that would help us? Answer: We’re very sorry to learn of the difficult state of your marriage. There are programs that can help, such as intensive couples’ counselling, but your husband needs to be willing to attend. Until he’s open to doing so, and until he desires to work on the marriage, your options are limited. If you’ve been continuously urging him

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Q&A: Buying me gifts I don’t like

Question: My mother-in-law buys me gifts that I don’t like. No matter what the item, it rarely fits my tastes. I don’t want to hurt her so I pretend to like the gifts. But I don’t want to be dishonest either. How should I handle this? Answer: We appreciate your question since this is a place most of us have been. Yes, honesty is an essential virtue. But it doesn’t mean disclosing every thought or feeling floating around in our heads. (If you disagree, you may reconsider when your truthful toddler tells the big-boned lady in the check-out line that she’s fat.) Before deciding to let your mother-in-law know your feelings about a particular gift, we’d strongly encourage you to carefully examine your motives and your relationship with her. The

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Q&A: Casting a new vision for your marriage

Question: My wife and I have been married for several years. Our life certainly hasn’t been what we envisioned – the road has been a lot tougher than we expected. We love each other, but we’re discouraged. Do you have any advice? Answer: Many couples struggle with what their marriage is compared to what they dreamed it would be. But what they often fail to consider is whether their expectations were realistic in the first place.  Marital bliss is a common dream when people are dating. In those early stages of romance, they can’t imagine feeling discontent with their spouse or their conversations not stretching into the wee hours of the night. And disagreements? What disagreements? But once you’re married, those expectations usually hit a speed bump. There’s the monotony

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