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10 Steps for Better Sleep For Your Family

Good sleep is essential to maintaining physical, emotional, spiritual and social health. However, many people are seriously sleep deprived. Dr. Meg Meeker discusses the benefits of getting good sleep and some of the potential problems parents and kids may experience if they don’t get enough rest at night.

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20 Guilt-Free Resolutions

If you’re anything like us, you’ve finally crossed off your remaining New Year’s resolution from last year – because you admit you’ll never do it. This year, don’t reach for the impossible, try our 20 guilt-free resolutions for parents!

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Back-to-School Blues

Children have many reasons to dread going back to school, and some are worth paying attention to. Find out how you can help your child develop positive habits to combat back-to-school worries.

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Q&A: Spending too much time as parents

Question: Sometimes I feel that my wife and I spend so much time in our roles as mum and dad that we neglect our own relationship. Do we just need to recognise that our needs as a couple have to be put on hold until our children are older and less demanding? Answer: Most couples with children can relate to your dilemma. A household can only be as strong as its component parts — namely, husband, wife, and children. Healthy families are made up of healthy individuals, and happy, successful marriages tend to produce thriving, well-adjusted children.    Since loving, connected spouses make the most effective mums and dads, the best thing you can do for your children is to concentrate on creating the strongest possible bond with your spouse. There

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Q&A: Celebrating my son on his birthday

Question: Our son is turning 10-years-old this month. Many of his friends have had super-extravagant birthday parties with some really pricey gifts. We’re not trying to go cheap, but we want to do something that focuses on celebrating him rather than fixating on over-the-top festivities and presents. Any suggestions? Answer: That’s a great way to approach a birthday! Every year of life is a thing to celebrate.  If you can direct the celebration toward your son, and not make it all about the party, you can make birthdays an opportunity to communicate special value to your child. Please don’t misunderstand us –- we’re not against parties! Taking your son and a few friends to laser tag, a jungle gym, or other play places can be a fantastic way to make

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Q&A: Poking fun at each other

Question: Our family enjoys laughing together. Sometimes this includes poking fun at each other. Do you think there’s a problem with this kind of humour? Answer: Everything depends on your distinctive family “culture.” Because you are interconnected in ways unlike any other group of people, you take certain things for granted and know things about one another that no one else can know. You have a common language. If it’s understood that teasing is part of that, then you probably can’t eliminate it without damaging your ability to connect. Tone and motives are also important factors to consider. Are the jokes and stories designed to hurt or embarrass someone? Or are they meant to express affection and appreciation? The real litmus test should be the reaction of the one who’s getting

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Stress Tests

Do you sense that your child is stressed out over school tests? Find out how you can help them face these times with confidence rather than fear.

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Building A Strong Family

Do you long to see your family bonds remain strong even after your children have grown up? Healthy and strong family doesn’t just happen. Discover some proactive measures you can take to create a family bond that lasts.

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Stay @ Home 2.0

Hear from fellow parents to discover what you need to know to manage working from home successfully with the children around during MCO 2.0.

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Parenting @ Home

Hear from fellow parents who are also adapting to the work-from-home and navigate the challenges of the new normal.

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