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Dad & Son Adventure Camp

A two-day escapade for fathers and sons (aged 9 to 13) to connect on a deeper level in an adventure-camp setting.

Mum & Daughter Connection

A girls’ day out for mothers and daughters (aged 9 to 13) to bond over a meaningful time of conversations, fun and laughter.

Dad & Daughter Date

An evening for fathers to create priceless moments to connect with their daughters (aged 13-19).

Mum & Son Connection

A half-day event is designed to provide mothers and sons (aged 9-13) with exclusive time to develop and enrich their bond through meaningful sessions and fun activities.

Parental Guidance

A 2-hour workshop that equips parents to address sexuality and relationships in a holistic and open manner with their children (aged 0-15).

Let's Talk About Sex

A half-day workshop designed to create a safe space for parents to have real-time honest conversations with their children (aged 11-12) on sexuality and relationships.

Parenting - A Roller Coaster Experience

A 6-session virtual workshop series for parents to improve and enhance their parenting skills for a great and enriching relationship with their children (ages 0 to 13).


Date Night @ Home

Date Night @ Home is a unique bonding experience for you and your spouse. Journey together through this virtual date night that will strengthen your marriage and open doors to new discoveries in your relationship.

Date Night

A dinner for two designed to provide married couples with a night of fun, laughter and romance as they celebrate how far they’ve come as husband and wife.


No Apologies®

A character-based curriculum that helps young people (aged 13-17) make wise choices in life including sexual abstinence before marriage. 


A two hour workshop that gives youth (aged 13-19) factual information on pornography and masturbation.

Sticky Notes and Push Pins

A half-day workshop for youth and young adults (aged 18-24) that addresses important relationship topics ranging from personal values to finding “The One” and making it last.


Family with A Mission

A fun-filled 3-day 2-night getaway for families (parents with children of ages 5 -12) to strengthen their bonds through exciting activities and intentional quality time. At the end of the camp, families will be guided to create their own family mission statement.

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PREPARE/ENRICH Certification Training

A one-day certification training to learn how to administer and interpret PREPARE/ENRICH – an online relationship assessment for couples.

No Apologies® Training Of Facilitators

A five-part training programme to be equipped and certified as facilitators of No Apologies® programmes.

亲密之旅 (Journey To Intimacy)