Date Night @ Home is a unique bonding experience for you and your spouse.
Journey together through this virtual date night that will strengthen your marriage and
open doors to new discoveries in your relationship.

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Date: Saturday, 30 October 2021
Time: 8.30 pm – 10.00 pm
Venue: Online via Zoom

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Receive a preparation
guide upon registration as a warm up for Date Night @ Home.

A one-of-a-kind guided virtual
date night experience with
fun activities that will deepen
your connection with your

Relax, unwind and enjoy each
other’s presence while
communicating your love for
one another.

A personal sharing from Dr. Wei-Jen Huang, a clinical psychologist and a faculty member at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

The perfect chance for you to
renew your vows and
commitment to each other as
husband and wife.

For parents, it is Mum and
Dad time only! Please give
each other your undivided

“It was a good chance to have a date night. We’ve not had one since the CMCO started as we can’t send the children to the babysitter. Keep up the good work to encourage families and marriages.”

– Ian, married for 17 years

“The event created the platform for us to take the initiative to have a REAL dinner date. It was an evening that facilitated deeper connection and a meaningful experience together. Thank you, FOTF!”

– Luisa, married for 15 years

“We appreciate the intentional time to date virtually even though my kids were around at home. We got no help but we still want to make time for this virtual date. The programme has benefited and helped us to realign and create more conversations at home. Now we know each other’s love languages and we are practicing now.”

– Daniel & May Yern, married for 9 years

Couples who felt Date Night @ Home has strengthened their relationship with their spouse.

Dr. Wei-Jen Huang is a clinical psychologist and a faculty member at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. He is internationally-renowned for his work on couples’ therapy, relationship education, and multicultural issues.

Up to this point Dr. Huang has trained over 30,000 Asian relationship educators to serve Asian families in 14 countries with his highly acclaimed “Journey to Intimacy: Emotional Intelligence and Personal Growth” Relationship Enhancement Program.

Dr. Huang is recognized as a Chinese relationship education leader and was invited with other global leaders in the field (such as Dr. John Gray and Dr. Harville Hendrix) to speak at the highly acclaimed the 2021 Global Marriage Summit. Generations of Northwestern students have been raving about his insightful and heartwarming lectures, affectionately referring to him as “Dr. Love.”

Q: Who should attend Date Night @ Home?
A: Date Night @ Home is highly recommended for all married couples.

Q: My spouse and I are currently living in different locations. Can we still attend this programme?
A: The programme is designed for both husband and wife to engage in the activities together, therefore both spouses need to be physically present in the same space.

Q: What should we expect from this programme?
A: Expect fun bonding activities and meaningful conversations that will deepen your connection with your spouse. There will also be an opportunity for both of you to renew your vows towards each other.

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