Date Night @ Home is a unique bonding experience for you and your spouse.
Journey together through this virtual date night that will enrich your marriage and
open doors to new discoveries in your relationship.

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Date: Saturday, 26 March 2022
Time: 8.30 pm – 10.00 pm (Kuala Lumpur)
Venue: Online via Zoom

Designed for married couples

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Receive a preparation
guide upon registration as a warm up for Date Night @ Home.

A one-of-a-kind guided virtual
date night experience with
fun activities that will deepen
your connection with your

Relax, unwind and enjoy each
other’s presence while
communicating your love for
one another.

A personal sharing from Greg Smalley, Vice President of Marriage at Focus on the Family, and his wife, Erin Smalley.

The perfect chance for you to
renew your vows and
commitment to each other as
husband and wife.

For parents, it is Mum and
Dad time only! Please give
each other your undivided

Renewal of vows. It was a special moment and it brought back many wonderful memories. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of life and parenting made us forget that we are first and ultimately husband and wife to each other.

– WW, Married for 10+ years

“The event created the platform for us to take the initiative to have a REAL dinner date. It was an evening that facilitated deeper connection and a meaningful experience together. Thank you, FOTF!”

– Luisa, Married for 15 years

Timely reminder and refresher that we do not take each other for granted and be intentional in putting good efforts to strengthen our marriage daily, practice to speak correct love language of each other and enjoy the journey together till we are apart.” ❤️

– Mike & SK, Married for 34+ years

In 2021, 99.5% of 80 couples evaluated that they agree and strongly agree Date Night @ Home has strengthened their relationship with their spouse

After overcoming struggles early in their own marriage, Erin and Greg knew they wanted to be hands-on in helping other couples. Together they have led marriage seminars around the world.

Erin Smalley serves as a spokesperson and content creator for Focus on the Family’s marriage ministry. She holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology and maintains a counseling practice, specialising in working with married couples.

Dr. Greg Smalley serves as vice president of Marriage at Focus on the Family. Greg earned his doctorate in clinical psychology at Biola University and a counseling degree from Denver Seminary. 

The Smalleys have been married since 1992 and live in Colorado with their four children.

Q: Who should attend Date Night @ Home?
A: Date Night @ Home is highly recommended for all married couples.

Q: My spouse and I are currently living in different locations. Can we still attend this programme?
A: The programme is designed for both husband and wife to engage in the activities together, therefore both spouses need to be physically present in the same space.

Q: What should we expect from this programme?
A: Expect fun bonding activities and meaningful conversations that will deepen your connection with your spouse. There will also be an opportunity for both of you to renew your vows towards each other.

Enrol in your very own “Marriage Master Class” with these resources
to bring you and your spouse closer and stronger together.

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