Intentional Fathering



Date:Thursday, 7 April 2022
Time:8.30 pm – 10.00 pm (Kuala Lumpur)
Venue:Online via Zoom
Fee:RM 80* per registration *Fee inclusive of the workshop cost, Intentional Fathering hardcover book and postage
Target Audience:Fathers and fathers to be

Programme Synopsis

Fatherhood is a journey, not a destination. Your role as a father is vital in the lives of your children, one that is irreplaceable. This workshop is the first step you can take to learn how to become more intentional. Why not be more engaging in your role as a father?

At the end of the virtual workshop, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to prioritise and create a safety net for your children
  • Discover how to lay down foundational values to guide and lead your family
  • Learn how to be a role model with integrity
  • Establish positive actions to enable your children to thrive and succeed in life

This workshop is adapted from the book Intentional Fathering: 7 Strategies To Be More Intentional In Your Fatherhood Journey written by Lee Wee Min.

In this book, Wee Min shares seven practical strategies that fathers could undertake to be more intentional in their roles. These strategies are based on his personal journey as a father, as well as what he learnt from his father.


Lee Wee Min
Founder & Honourary Chairman, FOFM

Wee Min serves as the Honorary Chairman for Focus on the Family Malaysia, an organisation dedicated to strengthening families in Malaysia which he founded in 1997. He is also the Asia Regional Director for Focus on the Family Global, a role he took on since 2007.

Trained as a Civil Engineer, Wee Min moved on to something very close to his heart – the family after selling off his business in 1996.

Wee Min continues to actively provide strategic support to the Board of the Associate offices in Asia and mentoring the CEOs as well as work with government bodies in different countries in Asia and Middle East in the area of family development. He also speaks regularly at churches and conferences locally and internationally on issues pertaining to the family.

Wee Min is the author of Parenting: A Roller Coaster Experience and Intentional Fathering: 7 Strategies To Be More Intentional In Your Fatherhood Journey.

Wee Min is happily married to Swee Choo and they have three adult children. The newest addition to the family is his granddaughter.

Joshua Liong
Principal Trainer, Focus on the Family Asia

Joshua Liong is an international speaker and trainer of many disciplines. He speaks on issues of youth, relationship, sexuality, parenting, marriage and faith.

He serves as the Principal Trainer for Focus on the Family Asia. He is also the Senior Master Trainer for No Apologies®️, a global character-based youth curriculum.

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