Blossoming the Mother & Daughter Bond

Every girl needs her mum to guide, love, and provide a safe space for her in the world today. As your daughter
matures into a young woman, your nurturing encouragement and support will empower her to confidently navigate her budding pre-teen years and embrace her journey into womanhood. Give your daughter the gift of undivided attention and enjoy the most valuable connection you can have with her.

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Mum & Daughter Connection is back!

At Mum & Daughter Connection, mothers and daughters can expect a meaningful and fun-filled experience
while getting to know each other on a deeper level and strengthen bonds. From engaging activities to
meaningful conversations, get ready to create cherished memories to last a lifetime

What To Expect

Fun activities and games that
will deepen your connection
with one another.

Time for meaningful
heart-to-heart conversations
between mother and daughter.

Hear from guest speaker
Karen Lau, a certified coach
and mum of two teenagers

Learn to build healthy
self-esteem while loving and
embracing your unique selves.

Receive a specially crafted
mother-daughter journal to
nurture your bonding journey.

Express your thoughts and
affirm one another through
heartfelt letter writing.

What You'll Get

Designed for you to connect, discover, and create lasting memories with your daughter

What mothers have said:

What daughters have said:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring more than one daughter to attend the event?

Mum & Daughter Connection is a one-on-one event that allows you to build a lasting bond with your daughter and give her your undivided attention. If you have a younger daughter, you may attend this event with her next year.

Can I cancel my registration after signing up?

We encourage you to make all necessary arrangements to ensure that you and your daughter's schedules are clear for the day. There will be no refunds* for cancellations or no-shows. Requests for transfer of registration will be accepted until 28 April 2023. Please email at

*The Organiser reserves the rights to cancel or reschedule the event due to unforeseen circumstances. Every effort, however, will be made to inform participants as soon as possible of the change. For cancellation of event by the Organiser, fees will be refunded in full.

Do we have to be fully vaccinated to participate in this event?

While it is not compulsory, participants are encouraged to be fully vaccinated (Government Guidelines) and to conduct a self-test 24 hours before the event.

My daughter is younger than 9 years old. Can she still attend?

Mum & Daughter Connection is designed for mums to cultivate a deeper and stronger bond with daughter in their tweens heading into teen hood.

You may wish to wait till your daughter is older for her to experience the full benefit of this programme.

What is the age limit for my daughter?

The recommended age limit is 13 years old.

What time do I have to be at the venue and what time does the event end?

Registration starts at 1.30 pm and programme ends at 6.00 pm.

Mother-Daughter Relationship Reads

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