Home is where the heart is.
In any season of our lives, may we never lose sight of the importance of connecting with our family through precious moments that will last a lifetime.


Building A Strong Father And Son Relationship

Being a dad goes beyond doing big, fancy things for his family. Tune in to hear from a seasoned father of three and Board Chairman Lee Wee Min, and his son Joel, as the duo share three important components in building a strong father-son relationship.

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Children & Chores

Dirty dishes, messy bedrooms and toys on the floor… Is this what your home looks like? Follow three simple steps to teach your children to be responsible and motivate them to help around the house.

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Love & Discipline

As much as children require unconditional love, they also need clearly defined limits. The key is to give children a healthy balance of both.

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Quality vs Quantity

Do you find yourself at a crossroad between choosing quality or quantity time with your children? The truth is, children need both. Here’s why.

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Stress Tests

Do you sense that your child is stressed out over school tests? Find out how you can help them face these times with confidence rather than fear.

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