Recorded Programmes

Focus on the Family Malaysia is here to help your family thrive at home. To help you through these unprecedented times, we are bringing our programmes to you in virtual/online format for you to enjoy from the comforts of your home.


Sex & Intimacy: For Him & Her

Hear from Dr. Ben Lim, Marriage and Family Therapist and two everyday couples Kay Yeow & Rachael and Tian Chen & Dr. Jean as they share their perspective on sex and physical intimacy in marriage.

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Navigating Your Child’s Social Media World

Discover the world of Social Media in our Facebook Live event! Join us to explore its influence with insights from a young adult, parent, influencer, and expert. Uncover both the benefits and dangers, and how social media can be a positive experience when used responsibly.

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Real Dads, Real Talk

Tune in to our “Real Dads, Real Talk” Facebook Live and listen to real dads talk about the current challenges dads face in their fatherhood journey with their children and explore topics related to relationships, discipline, and work-life balance.

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Karen’s Mum & Me Connection Sharing

Hear a practical sharing from a mum on how to A.C.E your relationship with your child. This sharing includes conversation starter questions called ‘Face to Face.’ During this time, we encourage you, Mums, to discuss these questions with your child.

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