From Generation To Generation: A Mother-Daughter Story

“Do you want to be a part of the greatest rescue of a generation since the beginning of time?”

In August 2003, I signed up for the No Apologies® (NA) Training of Facilitators event, drawn to it by the curriculum on character building and abstinence for youth.

At that time, teen pregnancies and boy-girl relationship issues (among the 12- and 13-year-olds) were on the rise. As I had four young daughters aged 10 to 15 years then, I was naturally concerned and wanted to know how to help them.

Leslie Yeaton, the author of the No Apologies® curriculum, came from America to teach us. To this day, I still remember her challenge to us: “Do you want to be a part of the greatest rescue of a generation since the beginning of time?”

I said “Yes!”, but had doubts about my ability to teach the program as I wasn’t a teacher. But the Focus on the Family team was very encouraging and I became a volunteer facilitator.

I also got involved in the Parent-Teachers’ Association of my eldest daughter’s (Lesley) secondary school so as to advocate the No Apologies® program to be taught in the school. I’m thankful that three of them attended the No Apologies® workshop. My second daughter, who didn’t attend, got personal sharing from me.

After Lesley’s graduation, she applied for a job with Focus on the Family Malaysia and ended up in the No Apologies® ministry! Sometimes, Lesley and I would teach together as a team. What a great way for us to bond!

It’s been a privilege to be a part of this wonderful curriculum and it’s so heartwarming to see students take the pledge of abstinence.

— Chan Sow Cheng (Mother)

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