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Precious Bonding Time

“My son discovered that his mother is pretty fun to hang out with!”

I attended my first Mother & Son Connection event in 2015 with my nine-year-old son, Aariel. I am a single mom and I look forward to any activity that can help us bond. We had no idea what the event would encompass, but we went with an open mind, looking to making it a fun day. Undoubtedly, it turned out to be an enjoyable day with many opportunities for bonding.

When we were quizzed on how well we knew each other, I was touched that Aariel knew my favorite food and what made me happy or sad. Likewise, he was thrilled to know that I knew an awful lot about him. That was a special session for us because we had to express our feelings to each other. I felt good to hear Aariel share his feelings and thoughts about me.

During the treasure hunt activity, we worked well as a team. Extra credit went to Aariel, who guessed the locations of many of the treasures. I was amazed that he deciphered an anagram while I was still cracking my head to solve it. The last activity was a sandwich-making contest. Though we did not win, it did not matter to us because we enjoyed creating the sandwiches to our liking. It was so delicious that Aariel was tempted to gobble up our culinary masterpiece before the judging session!

Overall, we both had an awesome time together and my son discovered that his mother is pretty fun to hang out with! Thanks to this event, my son and I now share a closer bond. Aariel is generally a shy boy, but the event has helped him to feel more comfortable in expressing himself and talking to me. Since the event, he has been helping me more in the kitchen – cooking, baking and doing the dishes. He even makes hot cocoa with marshmallows for me!

— Yamuna Chandran

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