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Synergistic Partnership

Let us start by ensuring that our own family is resilient…

The organization I work in, the National Population and Family Development Board (NPFDB), shares a similar goal with Focus on the Family Malaysia (FOFM) – to strengthen Malaysian families and ensure their well-being. NPFDB has supported and collaborated with FOFM in implementing many programs and campaigns over the years, and I personally feel proud to have been directly associated with most of these partnerships. Some of the memorable campaigns include the Youth Abstinence Walk (2007), I DO! Married for Love. Married for Life. (2014), and No Mobile During Dinner (2016).

On a personal level, I have benefited much from attending some of FOFM’s programs, such as PREPARE/ENRICH Certification Training, Date Night, and Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage. Through these programs, I am always reminded to cherish my spouse, be intentional to spend quality time with him, work together as a team, and remain steadfast to our marriage vows through thick and thin.

Strong, resilient, and cohesive families are the building blocks for a peaceful, prosperous, and stable nation. Let us start by ensuring that our own family is resilient and empowered to deal with the challenges of today’s living, so that we may positively shape tomorrow’s generations.

— Dr Anjil Doshi

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