Help Your Children Give Mum a Great Mother’s Day

By Jared Hottenstein

Encourage your children to think creatively when they’re crafting a memorable day for Mum

Sure, nothing says “Happy Mother’s Day” like elbow macaroni glued to construction paper. But how many of these macaroni cards does one mum need? Dads, it’s time for us to up our game. With a little effort, we can inspire our children to make truly meaningful Mother’s Day gifts.

Our long-term goal should be to have our children take over the responsibility of celebrating Mother’s Day, so we need to teach them the uplifting power of words and actions. With a bit of cuteness from the children and some creativity from us, we’ll have something that really says, “Happy Mother’s Day!”

A video message

A few heartfelt words can let Mum know she’s valued. Borrow her phone and record a video of the children reciting a poem they’ve written or saying a few nice things about Mum. She can show it off wherever she goes. She will smile, and maybe even tear up a little when she hears her children’s giggles and creative rhymes: “Mum is special. Mum is sweet. She cooks my breakfast and rubs my feet.” When the children see the power their words have to communicate love, they may even say those words more often without being reminded.

Surprise notes

Everyone loves finding notes of encouragement in unexpected places. Help the children create Mother’s Day notes for Mum’s coffee mug. Add labels of appreciation to the milk jug or her toothpaste tube. Unroll the toilet paper and help the children write encouraging words for Mum to find when she sits down for a “break.”

Acts of love

A coupon book is a great way to get the children involved in a Mother’s Day gift. Encourage each child to design a few coupons that Mum can cash in anytime. “Free hugs and kisses” are great, but what Mum wouldn’t love a coupon for a “back and shoulder massage”? Think about ways to serve Mum or spend time with her doing something that she enjoys: “movie night with Mum” or “help Mum in the flower garden.” Design a nice cover for the coupon book and wrap it up with a bow.

We need to help our children think creatively and speak lovingly. Maybe the kind things we teach our children to say and do on Mother’s Day will spread to other days … like Father’s Day.

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