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AIO7 The Last Days Of Eugene Meltsner / Escape From The Forbidden Matrix (DVD)


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The Last Days Of Eugene Meltsner 

Through Whit’s new invention, the Micro-stimulator, Eugene takes a fantastic voyage through his own circulatory system and makes an alarming discovery. Forced to reevaluate how he’ll spend the remaining days of his life, he sets in motion a chain of events that includes a bank heist, a ticking bomb, and a strangely familiar window washer Don’t miss this supercharged show with a powerful lesson about trusting God and living each day as if it were your last.


  • Benhind the Scenes Featurettes

Two 30-minute audio adventures: “The Mortal Coil” Part 1 & 2

Whit programs the Imagination Station to show what life after death might be like. Against the advice of Tom Riley, he tries the program on himself . . . with dangerous results. Theme: Death; heaven.

Escape From The Forbidden Matrix

Is it “Game Over” for Dylan? Dylan can’t get enough of the new action-packed video game Insectoids. So when he and his friend Sal are invited to play Insectoids “for real” in the virtual-reality Room of Consequence at Whit’s End, they jump at the chance. But when the game gets too predictable, Dylan throws caution to the wind and enters the “forbidden matrix.” Soon they’re engaged in a life-sized, three-dimensional jungle war, fighting giant insect warriors and facing an even more dangerous foe. Will Dylan and Sal be able to escape from the forbidden matrix? Find out in this fast-paced adventure in which Dylan and Sal learn the dangers of wasting time and discover what’s really important in life.


  • Benhind the Scenes Featurettes

Two 30-minute audio adventures:

“The Twilife Zone” – Kids’ Radio tells the story of a talking toy chicken that enslaves its owner in a web of strange demands. Theme: Addicton; self-control.

“Gloobers” -Jared and Dwayne take their favorite computer game Gloobers to the next level when they get a chance to play the game for real in the Room of Consequence. Theme: Video Game Addiction; Using Time Wisely

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