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AIO8 Electric Christmas / The Caves Of Qumran (DVD)

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Electric Christmas 

It’s Christmastime, and all Dylan Taylor wants is an XR-7 limited edition speedster. However, his hopes are zapped when he discovers its extravagant price tag would overload the family budget. That is, until he hears that the two-wheeled titanium turbo bike is the grand prize of Odyssey’s Christmas yard decorating contest! But Dylan’s scheming neighbor, Doug, has other plans. And when he gets a glimpse of Doug’s snow-sculpted, ten-foot tall twin T-Rexes towing a skiing Elvis amid a cluster of cut-out palm trees, Dylan switches his design from a humble manger scene to a super-charged, mega-watt wonderland. What follows is a powerful reminder that grounds them all in the true meaning of Christmas.

The Caves Of Qumran

When a mysterious old treasure map shows up in Odyssey, Mr. Whittaker, Dylan, Connie, and Eugene embark on a perilous journey that leads them to the caves of Qumran in Palestine. The search for hidden treasure explodes into a harrowing adventure as Whit and the gang narrowly escape dangerous traps and solve mysterious clues to reach a secret inner chamber of the cave. But a sinister Mr. Faustus and his cronies are also hot on the trail Who will find the treasure first? Will it be gold and riches–or something even better? Travel with the Odyssey gang to the ancient caves of Qumran, where mystery, intrigue, and excitement abound in this high-action adventure in Odyssey.


  • Benhind the Scenes Featurettes

Two 30-minute audio adventures:

“The Treasure of LaMonde” – Robyn and Connie find a hidden attic at Whit’s End and stumble upon a forgotten mystery involving an old pipe organ, a greedy professor, and the greatest treasure. Theme: Greed

“The Jesus Cloth” – The appearance of a piece of cloth supposedly from Jesus’ robe creates great hubbub in Odyssey. Theme: The object of our faith.

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