Katherine Pebley O'Neal

Grandpa Grumpy’s Family

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Gregory’s Grandpa Grumpy is certainly cranky—he can find something wrong with anything and everything, even though there’s nothing really wrong at all! Take the zoo, for example. When Grandpa Grumpy takes Gregory and his friends on an outing, it’s too hot, it looks like rain, and they might even be late getting there. Not to mention the baboons are too smelly, the camels are too bumpy, and the ice cream is, well, too messy! But every one of Grandpa’s negatives results in a positive for a child—one can see the baboons better, another gets an extra ride on a camel, and a youngster with no money ends up with Grandpa’s ice cream cone. Even when he is too hot and tired to go on, Grandpa manages to find a place to rest … right next to a playground! Most children have encountered a grump at one time or another—maybe even in their own families. This chuckle of a book teaches kids to look beyond the gruff exterior, like Gregory does, to find the love inside.

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