About the author

Wee Min serves as the Honorary Chairman for Focus on the Family Malaysia, an organisation dedicated to strengthening families in Malaysia which he founded in 1997. He is also the Asia Regional Director for Focus on the Family Global, a role he took on since 2007.

Trained as a Civil Engineer, Wee Min moved on to something very close to his heart – the family after selling off his business in 1996.

Wee Min continues to actively provide strategic support to the Board of the Associate offices in Asia and mentoring the CEOs as well as work with government bodies in different countries in Asia and Middle East in the area of family development. He also speaks regularly at churches and conferences locally and internationally on issues pertaining to the family.

Wee Min is the author of Parenting: A Roller Coaster Experience and Intentional Fathering: 7 Strategies To Be More Intentional In Your Fatherhood Journey.

Wee Min is happily married to Swee Choo and they have three adult children. The newest addition to the family is his granddaughter.


As fathers, we need to be intentional in allocating time, energy, and resources to cultivate a strong, positive, and pleasant attitude in our children.

Intentional Fathering

Fatherhood is a journey, not a destination. Any man can be a father, but not every father is taking full responsibility to become an intentional father. In this book, Wee Min shares the joys and challenges of intentional fathering, and how these can reap great benefits for both a father and his family.
This book will benefit fathers, their children, and families as a whole as it covers the importance of a father's role in raising a strong family. The book is very inspirational as it is filled with deep and honest experiences from a father. It is also a must read for those who are about to become a father. The teachings in this book will inspire you to reflect on certain areas of your life, guiding you to re-evaluate yourself and be the best father you can to your children.
Abdul Shukur Bin Abdullah​
Director General, National Population and Family Development Board​
Wee Min has generously shared his life experiences of intentional fathering, a role that we often take for granted or unconsciously neglect. Filled with pragmatic advices for our roles as fathers, that can impact the stability and well-being of our families. A highly recommended read that guarantee to bear pleasing fruits. ​
Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian​
CEO, Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad​


We all need to be appreciative of the regular and ordinary things done by our children – not just the extraordinary things.

Parenting A Roller Coaster Experience

You can have a great and rewarding relationship with your children, and Parenting – A Roller Coaster Experience will help you forge a strong loving bond with your children. In a warm, down-to-earth style, full of sensible advice and insightful examples, Wee Min explores foundational skills vital to raising healthy children.

Having a sense of humor about life is a critical success factor in having a healthy family. I have known Wee Min for many years, and he lives by the advice he provides in this must-read book. His insights and guidance are important to all of us who want to have a strong family.​
Jim Daly
President and CEO, Focus on the Family USA
Kudos to Wee Min for penning his valuable insights on parenting, which is rooted in his extensive experience and wisdom as a speaker and trainer in this field. Indeed, being a parent today is like a roller coaster experience, and Wee Min captures well the essence of this by providing practical and useful tips to help deal with different parenting situations.​
Datuk Fatimah Saad
Director, DOHA International Institute of Family Studies and Development

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