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21st Century Marriage (DVD)


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Every couple who marries hopes for love that will last, and yet in the 21st century the pressures on relationships are greater than ever.

For over 20 years, Rob Parsons has helped thousands of couples build strong relationship. In this compelling film, he lifts the lid on what can make and break those relationships.

Above all, this is a realistic look at marriage in the real world- from great sex to ‘Don’t even think about it’; from marriage vows to the trauma of the affair.

In 8 sessions, ideal for personal or group use, 21st Century Marriage include:

  • Knowing we matter
  • Acceptance
  • When everything screams out, ‘It’s over!’
  • Time for love
  • When the spark fly
  • Dealing with debt
  • The affair
  • Love in the real world
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