Willard F. Harley Jr.

He Wins, She Wins Workbook (NETT)


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In He Wins, She Wins, Dr. Harley unpacked the revolutionary concept of joint agreement in marriage that keeps husband and wife on equal footing and equally satisfied. This win-win model for negotiation starts with a simple rule: Never do anything without enthusiastic agreement between you and your spouse.

In this practical workbook, Dr. Harley walks couples through scenarios for the five most common areas of conflict in marriage (friends and family, career and time management, finances, child training, and sex), applying the joint agreement rule in every situation. Couples practice resolving each of those conflicts the right way, before turning their attention to their own real-life conflicts. Chock-full of eye-opening exercises that bring Harley’s concepts squarely into a couple’s real-world situation, this workbook is perfect for both individual couples and small groups.

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