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Marriage Essentials


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This book is a product of 50 years of living through their own marriage and of helping and teaching others.

Difficulty in the marriage relationship is a very lonely place, particularly so for those in leadership roles when others are looking to you for help and guidance and you are in your own private struggle. We believe that all marriage issues can be resolved and helped, with guidance. This is a self-help guide to take you through the key essential principles of the marriage relationship. They share with you a wealth of tips, pointers and insights, a treasure trove of nuggets of wisdom.

Cheng Hsian and Bernie were married in their early twenties in Melbourne. They returned to Malaysia after his graduation as an architect and soon became a principal partner of a thriving and busy architectural practice.

An Christian since a young, Cheng Hsian immersed himself in Christian ministry and was a church elder for many years.  Amidst their busy years in ministry and work in the professional world, with Bernie devoting herself to being a full-time mother and homemaker, they juggled home, church, and work while struggling through their marriage. After attending a Marriage Encounter Weekend in 1981 they realized how much those hours of basic teaching and personal interaction helped their marriage.

Determined to help others, they started and developed their own Marriage Enrichment Weekend. There were many who also worked along with them and contributed to this work. This was a helpful and busy ministry for many years until health circumstances caused them to relocate to Australia. There, between Bible college and rest, they restarted the ME ministry in Melbourne, devoting themselves to it for some ten more years.

Cheng Hsian and Bernie have three grown children and eight grandchildren, and they continue to be involved in various evangelistic ministries.


1. Personal Integrity – The heart of the matter
2. Love and respect
3. Commitment
4. Communication
5. Intimacy/Closeness
6. Values
7. Conflict Resolution/Forgiveness
8. A Strong Foundation

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Marriage Essentials

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