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Adventures In Odyssey Activity Calendar

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Welcome to Odyssey,

a small town where people will smile at you and say “hello” even if you’ re a stranger to them. Meet the gentle, grandfather-like Mr Whittaker. He’s one of the oldest people in Odyssey, but he is also a teacher and a friend to the kids in town. Whit owns an odd but exciting place called Whit’s End. Some kids love Whit’s End because it is their favourite place to get an ice cream or soft drink. Others like it because it is where Whit works on new inventions. While the kids help Whit with his work, he teaches them  about life. Join kids like energetic Dylan, his sister Jesse, and friends, Holly, Carter and Sal, as they learn valuable lessons through their Adventure in Odyssey!

Cool calendar features
-28 FULL-COLOUR pages + 4 pages of full-colour stickers
-Monthly colouring page
-Quotes from the popular Adventures in Odyssey series
-Spacious calendar grids
-365 sticker (one for each day!) to create your own calendar
-Personal colourful stickers to mark special dates (birthdays, holidays, family activities)

Adventures in Odyssey is a spectacular series of radio programme that has been on the air since 1987. Over 600 episodes exist today and the programme is heard across the globe. Recorded in Los Angeles, the voice talents on Adventures in Odyssey has been featured in films such as Toy Story, The Land Before Time, Charlotte’s Web, and Mickey’s Christmas Carol! Also available are Adventures in Odyssey video and books.

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