Jay Payleitner

10 Conversations Kids Need To Have With Their Dad


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Dad, you love your kids to pieces. But whether it’s father-son or father-daughter, how to talk to them—and about what—can be one of the big mysteries in raising children.

Bestselling author and veteran dad Jay Payleitner comes to the rescue with a carload of great ideas about communicating those all-important life values to your kids to help them thrive. Good news is, you don’t have to use a lot of words as you plant healthy thoughts about…

-Excellence: how your kids can hit home runs in life

-Emotions: experiencing and handling them as God’s gift

-Integrity: being true to something beyond themselves

-Marriage: focusing on the positives, not the weeds, thorns, and crabgrass

-Immortality: living life as a friend of the One who’s eternal

Jay’s straightforward, man-friendly advice and stories form a terrific, confidence-boosting resource for building lifelong positives into your family. Raising children just got easier! Great gift or men’s group selection.

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