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Intentional Fathering

Fatherhood is a journey, not a destination. Any man can be a father, but not every father is able to carry out his role well because they do not know how to. There are some who chose to abdicate their roles and hope that the school and social systems will bring up their children for them. Unfortunately, the wholesome and positive development of children cannot be out-sourced. Every father must learn to be intentional in his commitment to be with his child.

In this book, Wee Min shares seven practical strategies that fathers could undertake to be more intentional in their roles. These strategies are based on his personal journey as a father, as well as what he learnt from his father.

This is a must-read if you want to experience a more enjoyable relationship with your children. It is amazing that when the relationships at home with your wife and children are fun, sound, and stable, you can become more productive in your work and other relationships.

Home With A Heart

Whether you’re a parent, a child, or a grandparent, you’ll find “Home With A Heart” to be entertaining, informative book about today’s family. This compilation of commentaries deals with adolescence, money, the elderly, marriage, discipline of children, and dozens of other family related topics. Some are practical. Some are serious. And some are humorous. But they are all intended to make a small contribution to the relationships that matter most – those that thrive in the home – where the heart is.


-Priceless Memories
-Cup of Tea
-Loving Toughness
-Self-Esteem: The Vulnerable Child
-Full-Time Motherhood
-Two Kinds of Kids
-Spending on Children ….Saying No!
-The Terrible Twos
-After the Wedding
-Building Your Spouse’s Self-Esteem
-Parental Burnout
-Telling Stories to Your Children
-When A Child Says “I Hate You”
-Hold Them Close and Let Them Go
-Learning To Slow Down
-How Dads Shape Kids
-Caring For Elderly Parents
-Love Is A Rose
-Bonding In Marriage
-What’s A Grandmother?
-Cat’s In The Cradle
-Don’t Label Your Kids
-Saying “I’m Sorry”
-Newlyweds and Money
-Balance In A Man’s Life
-A Family Meeting
-The Personality of The Home
-Children Can’t Grow Without Risks
-No, No, No, Yes!
-Growing Up With Values
-Loving Hands
-The Temper Tantrum
-The Words Of A Child
-Becoming Real
-Before You Speak

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