Parenting – A Roller Coaster Experience


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You can have a great and rewarding relationship with your children, and Parenting – A Roller Coaster Experience (PARCE) will help you forge a strong loving bond with your children.

In a warm, down-to-earth style, full of sensible advice and insightful examples, Wee Min explores foundational skills vital to raising healthy children.

This is a wise and winsome book, full of skills parents can immediately put into practice. Additionally, a companion Leader’s Guide will help turn this book into a lively and enjoyable group experience where parents can share their experiences and apply what they learn.

-Chapter 1: Love Them and Let Them Know
-Chapter 2: Family Fun Time Builds Memories
-Chapter 3: Teach Them to Appreciate Gifts Received
-Chapter 4: Avoid Yelling-It’s Useless
-Chapter 5: Remember Kids Spell LOVE as T.I.M.E
-Chapter 6: Groom Them with Loving and Consistent Discipline


Parenting A Roller Coaster Experience NC

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