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The Dad Book


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Younger dad, older dad, in-the-middle dad…who couldn’t use an easy-access volume of pick-me-up ideas and inspirations called The Dad Book? Especially when it includes entries like aardvarks, Hollywood, and waffles?

Though the science of raising children remains a mystery, Jay Payleitner, bestselling author of 52 Things Kids Need from a Dad and veteran dadmeister of five grown kids, will spark new ideas with

-fresh suggestions for engaging your kids
-dad-to-dad humor that will lift to your perspective
-reminders that God’s in the fathering trenches with you
-ways to teach your kids by showing them instead of telling them
-encouragement to connect your kids with the God who knows you and them inside out…and thinks you’re all terrific

You’ll get a big confidence boost from Jay’s straightforward, man-friendly advice. A terrific way to lift your outlook above the fray and help you build lifelong positives into your family!

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