Hettie Brittz

Growing Kids With Character


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In Growing Kids with Character, Hettie Brittz helps you identify your child’ s natural bent and how that affects your parenting journey. Hettie’s famous tree metaphors show ways to let kids excel at being who they naturally are. Learn how to:

-Cultivate your child’s unique way of encountering, following, and worshipping God
-Disciple and discipline based on your child’s very own blueprint
-Recognize your child’s strongest characteristics and apply that knowledge to everyday life
-Speak your child’s unique dialect (or “tree language”) to foster effective communication
-Help your child recognize and celebrate God’s individualized design for others

Discover how to use kids’ God-given personalities to guide them on their spiritual journeys and firmly establish their identity and purpose in Christ. Find the joy of parenting by a child’s natural bent and God’s supernatural wisdom!

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