Kevin Leman

Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours, Revised Edition


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We’ve seen the enemy, and they’re small . . . and unionized.

If you’re looking for parental direction in today’s tumultuous world and your pint-sized treasures often seem to have the upper hand, you’re not alone. How can you encourage healthy attitudes, positive behavior, and long-lasting values in children of all ages?

Parenting isn’t easy, but it’s simpler than you think. With Dr. Leman’s practical, action-oriented methods, you’ll learn how to

· Get your kids to listen to you
· Use the seven principles of reality discipline to create a win-win every time
· Establish values your children will want to emulate
· Get your kids to willingly talk to you
· Put yourself back in the driver’s seat
· Rear responsible adults who are difference makers in the world
· And much more

Want respectful, well-behaved kids who make good choices now and in the long haul? Making Children Mind without Losing Yours, now revised for a new generation of parents and kids, is a simple game plan any parent can follow.


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