Ellen Schuknecht, Erin MacPherson

Put The Disciple Into Discipline

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How do you respond when your three-year-old throws himself onto the floor in a tantrum while you are grabbing a few things at Target? Or when your eight-year-old rolls her eyes and defiantly tells you no when you ask her to clean up her room? Or when your sixteen-year-old lies as he attempts to go somewhere he never should be?

These are the tough moments in parenting.

But they are also moments that can refine your relationship with your child – and your child’s relationship with God.

Inside Put The Disciple Into Discipline, parents will find tools to help them guide their kids’ hearts toward the God who loves them deeply even as they make mistakes. By connecting discipline to discipleship in an international way, parents can build strong, connected relationships and help their kids to press in to the God who created them to be truly and imperfectly His.

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