Melvin W Wong

Raising Gender-Confident Kids


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In today’s society where there are so many uncertainties about the best way to raise a child, parents are in need of sure and definite answers, particularly in an era which claims that sexuality and gender orientation are supposed to be inborn. In Raising Gender-Confident Kids, author Melvin Wong reveals that gender identity and gender orientation have a lot to do with early childhood parenting, and provides practical steps to raise gender-confident kids. he beckons and challenges parents and caregivers to a higher level of functioning so that they can offer something only they can give their children – Gender Confidence.

-Find out about: The Psychological Birth of the Human Infant, Gender Identity Imprinting, Gender Identity Development Disorder, and Gender Identity Formation Stages
-Learn ways to help your sons and daughters develop gender confidence
-Understand the critical periods when your sons and daughters will develop gender security and identity themselves with birth gender.

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