Donna Jones

Taming Your Family Zoo


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Book Condition: Yellow spots at top, bottom and side edges of the book.

Are you tired of rude replies, even primal grunts, coming from the mouths of your children? Do you wonder who switched your sweet child with this wild animal who’s throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of the restaurant? Whether you are training your two year old to say “please” or trying to talk with your teenage boy about his treatment of girls, you know that teaching your kids about manners is not an easy task.

Kids who are well mannered are more confident and successful and have better relationships. But how and where do you begin? In Taming Your Family Zoo. Donna Jones offers real-life stories, insights, and loads of wisdom on what it takes to raise a well-mannered child. With Donna’s help, you will be amazed at how easy and fun teaching manners can be. In six weeks or less, you will see a marked difference in how your children interact with others and with you.

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