The Encyclopedia of Bible Crafts For Preschoolers


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Preschoolers are excited to explore God's Word through all their senses–creating, smelling, baking, squishing, and tasting! Appeal to their natural, kinesthetic learning style and teach 75 major Bible stories through crafts.

These 175 craft activities are based on well-known topics:

  • Exodus,
  • Numbers,
  • Ruth,
  • Psalms,
  • Esther,
  • Daniel,
  • Jonah,
  • Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and more.

Simple, step-by-step directions help you enhance your lessons with these dynamite ideas, on short notice, and with little or no preparation!

Handy indexes organize ideas by Scripture, theme, and idea style:

  • FaithWeaver™ Bible Curriculum Index,
  • Scripture Index, and
  • Hands-On Bible Curriculum™ Index.
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