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21st Century Parenting (DVD)


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Parents often feel caught between the pressures of today and worries about tomorrow. But you can build strong relationships with your children today that will help steer them towards a fulfilling life.

For over 20 years, Rob Parsons has encouraged thousands of parents to forge stronger relationships with their children and become the best parents they can be. Now, in this brand new DVD, he shares some lessons he’s learned as a parent- and some mistakes he’s made along the way too!

So, sit back and enjoy as Rob shares wise and humourous insights that will help you raise your children in the 21st century. Topics include:

  • You’re not alone
  • The gift of acceptance
  • The testing child
  • A mother looks back (with Dianne Parsons)
  • Building a sense of value
  • Defending the boundaries
  • Teenagers!
  • Do what you can
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