James Dobson

Parents’ Answer Book


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Where can you turn when you need quick, time tested answers to your tough parenting questions?

In Parents’ Answer Book, Dr. James Dobson addresses hundreds of issues that are commonly faced by moms and dads. Dr. Dobson, today’s most respected expert on parenting and family issues, offer sensible solutions to the challenges parents face every day.

  • Building your children’s confidence
  • Disciplining effectively
  • Calming sibling rivalry
  • Coping with attention deficit disorder
  • Succeeding as a single parent or a stepparent
  • Nurturing your infant, toddler, or preschooler
  • Communicating with your teen
  • Choosing public, private, or homeschool education
  • Encouraging children’s spiritual development

Designed for parents with kids of all ages, this easy-to-access guide offers reliable information that will help you build a healthy, God-honoring family.

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