David Kinnaman, Jun Young

Hyperlinked Life (NETT)


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The Hyperlinked Life?is for anyone who would struggle to go a day without internet access. Information overload. You live it everyday. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – you’re more informed and connected than ever. Yet if you’re honest, you’re probably feeling more distracted than ever. More lonely. More restless. As much as we try to stop consuming the vast amounts of info coming at us, we wrestle against a paranoia of ?missing out? on important information or being out of the loop on something. How can we rest from information, take a Sabbath for our technology or information use? How does this help us to become the right kind of factivist? The onus is more and more on us to find “the truth” and to be aware of our own biases in what we share and don’t.?It is possible to live with wisdom in this hyperlinked life – and in these pages, you’ll learn how.?

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