Stan Toler

The Power Of Your Attitude


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No Matter What Happens,
Attitude Is a Choice

As much as you try, sometimes you just can’t change your circumstances—and never the actions of others. But you do have the power to choose how your attitude affects your outlook on your day and those you influence in your life.

Join bestselling author Stan Toler as he shares the what, why, and how behind the transformation you desire. With this book, you’ll…

-release the thoughts and habits that keep you from experiencing joy on a daily basis
-learn the seven choices you can make to get out of a rut and into greater success
-implement a plan to improve your outlook in three vital areas and conquer negativity

After having lost his father in an industrial accident as a boy, Toler knows about coping with unexpected tragedies and harsh realities. He will gently guide you through the internal processes that can positively change any life—including yours.

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