Mary Demuth

The Seven Deadly Friendships


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Friends for a Season?

There’s something wrong with your friendship, but you can’t figure out why. Is everything in your head? Unfortunately, toxic friendships happen to everyone, but we seldom identify the underlying issues while we battle confusion or the friendship breaks up.

Maybe you’re left bewildered in the friendship’s wake, paralyzed to move forward.

After wading through several difficult friendships, Mary DeMuth reveals the seven different types of toxic relationships and empowers you to identify the messiest relationships causing you the greatest anguish.

-Face the reality of your broken relationship, and unearth exactly what went wrong.
-Discover why you may attract toxic people.
-Heal from broken relational patterns so you can choose safer friends.
-Evaluate when it’s time to press into a friendship or let it go.

You’ll gain a new relationship with Jesus as you trust him to be your confidant, healer, and life-giving friend.

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