Sue Birdseye

When Happily Ever After Shatters


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What are you supposed to do when promises are broken and the dream is gone?
Sue Birdseye realized her 17-year marriage was fragmenting the day her husband announced that he was thinking of leaving her and their five children. In When Happily Ever After Shatters, she takes readers through her own experience of battling to save her marriage, finally accepting the fact that it was over, and then finding herself in the world of single parenting. What begins as a painful story of abandonment and divorce soon becomes a gift of hope and healing for both men and women going through similar circumstances. Offering practical advice for every stage of the journey, Sue shares how her faith in God gave her strength to keep going. With compassion and honesty, she addresses such difficult topics as adultery, forgiveness, anger, and loneliness. She offers seasoned wisdom, thoughtful guidance, and hope to anyone who has been hurt by a broken marriage and is walking the path to healing.

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