Amy K. Olson, David H. Olson, John Defrain

Building Relationships


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Building Relationships is a book for youth focusing on increasing awareness, knowledge, and skills about relationships with peers, parents and others. The book covers areas such as communication, conflict resolution, dating, love and marriage, preparing for marriage, family of origin, finances, roles, and values and beliefs.

Chapter  1: Marriage and Families Today

Chapter  2: Dating and Mate Selection

Chapter  3: Love & Marriage

Chapter  4: Preparing for Marriage

Chapter  5: Adjusting to Marriage

Chapter  6: Children and Parenting

Chapter  7: Communication Skills

Chapter  8: Conflict Resolution Skills

Chapter  9: Role Relationships

Chapter 10: Affection and Sexuality

Chapter 11: Financial Decisions

Chapter 12: Values, Beliefs and Behaviours

Chapter 13: Understanding Your Family