Anne Christian Buchanan, Tammy Maltby

Confessions Of A Good Christian Girl


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You already know the women you’ll meet in this book. They may sit beside you in the pew . . . or join you at small group . . . or touch your heart from a speaker’s podium. They have all been saved. They all love the Lord. And yet . . .

One struggles with sucidal despair
Another is involved with adultery, pornography, or a same-sex attraction
Another endures regular beatings – or worse – by someone who claims to love her
Another is divorced . . . or thinking about it
This one drinks secretly or “doctor shops” for pain pills
That one wrestles with depression or bipolar disorder
And many others feel they can never be thin enough, beautiful enough, successful enough . . . or Christian enough to be loved or accepted
They’re all good Christian girls who have been broken by sin – their own and others.

They all needed the honest, life-giving truth at the heart of this book. Do you?

Tammy Maltby addresses issues that aren’t discussed much in church circles – private sins that she and other women have battled.

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