Tammy Maltby, Tom Davis

Confessions Of A Good Christian Guy: The Secrets Men Keep And The Grace That Saves Them


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Tammy Maltby and coauthor Tom Davis get specific about the brokenness and pain in the lives of good Christian men. This isn’t a lurid expose but an honest and courageous look at the secrets most often lurking behind “victorious” Christian facades.

Chapters include:

  • I’ve got a dirty mind
  • I’m a self-made man
  • I want more stuff
  • I need my dad
  • I love booze
  • I don’t like to feel
  • I’m so ticked off
  • I want to give up


In addition to the transparent stories and insight from Davis, Matlby concludes each chapter with reflections for those who care-practical insight for individuals walking beside a man struggling with these issues.

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