Ron Rhodes

Cyber Meltdown


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Respected Bible scholar Ron Rhodes, author of The Coming Oil Storm, addresses another timely issue with integrity in this exploration of how over-dependence on technology puts the nation at risk for cyberattacks and sets the stage for the end times.

With up-to-date information, Rhodes prepares readers for the possibility of technology-based warfare and helps them view it in a biblical context as he addresses the following hot topics:

what Christians need to know about cybercontrol and the Antichrist
what technology and security experts have to say about the risks
the validity of the threat of cyberterrorism
what a cyberattack against the U.S. would look like
the possible role of cyberattacks in end-time wars
Both captivating and helpful, this compelling resource provides the truth behind the technology and its likely role in God’s plan for the future.

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