Carey Wickersham

The Wonder Within You


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Pregnancy is an amazing experience. Yes, there are challenges, discomforts, crazy hormones, food cravings, and more―but through it all, the incredible process of growing a new life is unlike any other.

In The Wonder Within You, author Carey Wickersham has captured the beautiful, life-changing moments that come throughout nine months of pregnancy. With practical advice, up-to-date information about pregnancy, and plenty of encouragement, she empowers moms-to-be to make better decisions for themselves and their babies. She also joyfully walks alongside the first generation of parents able to actually see each stage of their baby’s development.

The Wonder Within You is an excellent guide throughout your pregnancy, with special features including:
-amazing 3-D ultrasound images that give you a week-by-week glimpse into what your baby is experiencing during every step of the growth process
-web links and QR codes take you to incredible ultrasound videos
-engaging chapters, each packed with timely advice on health and nutrition
-fun quotes and memorable stories from other moms
-space to include your own thoughts and feelings, including letters to your child

The perfect companion to your pregnancy experience, this beautiful book is designed to become a keepsake you and your child will treasure forever.

Includes pregnancy calendar with stickers!

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