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When The Baby Comes: 30 Daily Devotions in Ephesians for Postpartum Moms


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Based on the book of Ephesians, each daily devotion offers insight into the spiritual reality that belongs to Christian mothers and how they are to live in light of this truth. With biblical encouragement, practical wisdom and faith-filled prayer, these devotions will minister to every mother who desires to love the Lord as she nurtures her newborn.

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4 reviews for When The Baby Comes: 30 Daily Devotions in Ephesians for Postpartum Moms

  1. Wong Yichieh

    Having a new baby ain’t easy. Often one feels as though things are being ‘taken away’. Personal freedom, couple time, creative energy… POOF. But this nifty book ‘gives back’. Mothers can find their hope in Jesus within these pages. I like that the devotions are short (doable) yet filled with gospel truth. Rating 4/5

  2. Marisa Shields

    “When The Baby Comes” is a brief daily devotional of Ephesians specifically targeted to mums of new babies in the first days after the baby is born. I love Rene’s heart to care for the souls of new mums in an exciting but tiring time. Much care is given to our bodies, but what we truly need is refreshment from the Lord! Thanks Rene for pointing us to our deepest need. I would recommend this book to all pregnant mums to have it ready when the baby comes 🙂 I have bought several myself as gifts.

    Rating 5/5

    Thank you!

  3. May Yap

    Let me preface this review with a confession – I am not a mother. I have not experienced the sheer exhaustion that comes with loving a fully dependent human, nor have I been racked with post-partum haywire hormones. Having said that, I believe ‘When the Baby Comes’ has something for all sisters in Christ, whether initiated into motherhood or not.

    After all, it’s based on Ephesians – a well-loved epistle packed with reminders of God’s promises to His beloved. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been so surprised that these thoughtful, Gospel-centred meditations still rang true despite my not being a mother. Who doesn’t need a reminder that God uses our struggles to sanctify us, especially the ones that turn our lives and routines upside down? Or that He has given us everything we need for life and godliness, despite what society and culture tell us about achieving milestones or meeting expectations?

    From authentic sharings gleaned from personal experience to reminders of God’s grace and mercies that are new every morning, this devotional serves as a gentle and steady reminder of our ultimate Father who loves both us and our children more than we ever could. 10/10 would recommend.

  4. Tan Cheng Yi

    Expecting parents often write a long list of essential items they need to get before the baby arrives. “When the Baby Comes” should be one of them! Here’s why.

    First, the arrival of a newborn turns your home topsy turvy. Looking after an infant is mentally and physically exhausting. A new mother needs to refill after giving so much of herself. This devotional book enables young mothers to soak in the unconditional love of Christ, through the short yet impactful daily readings, taken from the book of Ephesians.

    Second, it is so natural for the new parents to be enthralled by their precious bundle. Unconsciously, the baby assumes central position and becomes the boss of the house. The gift can so easily take the place of the Giver. These meditations help young mothers to consciously give Christ the supremacy in their lives. By doing so, they can be focused on raising their child in the way that is intended by their Maker.

    Finally, change is indeed stressful. Small babies can make big changes to a mother’s lifestyle and priorities. In this season of life, mothers may have to put aside career, ambitions, and personal desires. Ephesians remind us that we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works. So, whether it is raising the young, managing the home or climbing the corporate ladder, we can find satisfaction in doing it all for God. Give this devotion to new or experienced mothers and pray for them to be rooted in their identity in Christ, come what may.

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