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TTWMK 8-13 DVD Set – That The World May Know


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This bundle includes a copy of each DVD set of Volumes 8-13 in the That The World May Know series.

Volume 8 lessons include:

  • How Big Is our God? – Filmed in Luxor, Egypt
  • Israel in Bondage: God Heard Their Cry – Filmed at Dier al Medina
  • Finger of God: The Plagues – Filmed at Ramesseum
  • Watch with Me: Israel Leaves Egypt – Filmed at the Red Sea
  • The Lord Reigns: The Red Sea – Filmed at the Red Sea

Volume 9 lessons include:

  • The Lord Who Heals You – Filmed at the Red Sea and Sinai
  • Not By Bread Alone – Filmed in Sinai
  • Their Blood Cried Out – Filmed at Serabit al Khadim
  • The Mountain of God – Filmed at Jebel Katarina
  • I Led You Like a Bride – Filmed at Jebel Katarina
  • The Whisper of God – Filmed at Jebel Katarina

 Volume 10 lessons include:

  • Build Me a Sanctuary – Filmed in Timnah
  • Making Space for God – Filmed in Timnah
  • He Led Them Like a Shepherd – Filmed in Negev
  • By Every Word Striking the Rock – Filmed in Negev
  • With All Your Might: The Final Test – Filmed in Jerusalem
  • A Well-Watered Garden – Filmed in Jerusalem

Volume 11 lessons include:

  • The Way of the Essenes – Filmed in Quamran
  • The Way of John the Baptist – Filmed in Machaerus
  • Into the Desert to Be Tested – Filmed in En Gedi
  • The Last Passover – Filmed in Jerusalem
  • The Fifth Cup: Our Way of Hope – Filmed at Gethsemane

Volume 12 lessons include:

  • Join the Journey – Filmed in the Sinai Desert
  • It’s Hot Here and There’s No Way Out – Filmed in Wabi Nasb
  • Help is Here – Filmed in Wadi Nasb
  • When Your Heart Cries Out – Filmed in the Judea Wilderness
  • They Were Not Wandering – Filmed on Mount Sinai
  • Ears to Hear – Filmed in Negev
  • There’s Hope in the Desert – Filmed in En Gedi

Volume 13 Lessons include:

  • Abraham and Sarah and Three Strangers – Filmed in Negev Desert, Tel Arad, Arad, Israel, Timna valley, Israel
  • Israel at Sinai: The First Great Commission – Filmed in Jordan River, Negev Desert, Timna valley, Israel, Wilderness of Paran, Israel
  • Jesus Renews His Mission: Seeking the Lost – Filmed in Qatzrin, Israel
  • The Lost Son: In a Far Country – Filmed in Gerasa (Jerash), Jordan, Qatzrin, Israel
  • The Seeking Father: The Lost Son Returns – Filmed in Gerasa (Jerash), Jordan, Qatzrin, Israel


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