Jonathan Catherman

Becoming The Next Great Generation


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The world needs our passion, our strength, and our influence

Our generation stands on the brink of unprecedented opportunity and influence. Equipped with more than any generation before, we want to make a difference in the world. We want to count for something greater than ourselves. But sometimes it’s not clear exactly how to turn our ideas and energy into reality. With the gap between the generations growing wider, it’s easy to feel misunderstood, like the world’s problems are being left for us to fix, and no one really believes our generation will succeed.

Thankfully, there are members of older generations who do care. They want us to do better than they have–to be better than they’ve been. And they have so much experience, wisdom, and help to offer us along the way.

In this book, Jonathan Catherman assures us that our influence matters and will continue to grow. With plenty of examples and clear application, he shows us how to prepare ourselves to accept any challenge by practicing how to

· build bridges between generations
· transform our raw talents into valued strengths
· practice stewardship before leadership
· and live with purpose

By doing so, we can make a difference, live lives filled with meaning, and become the next great generation.

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