Shared Enjoyable Activities

The reality is that passion naturally dims over time for most married couples. Love doesn’t necessarily lessen, but the way it’s shown gets watered down. So, how can you avoid that fade?

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Cherishing Your Spouse

Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Your spouse is your treasure; you’ve searched high and low and found each other, so cherish your treasure.

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Maintaining Lifelong Commitment

Commitment and faithfulness are the foundation of a lasting, thriving marriage; honour your marriage and you will be richly rewarded with security, stability and satisfaction.

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Enhancing Positive Communication

Communication gives life to your marriage. Take time to discover your spouse again and again, and allow your spouse to deeply know you.

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Being Community-Minded

It takes a village to sustain a marriage. It’s vital to regularly connect with like-minded couples that are committed to our relationship.

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